Stop aiming for radical personal change, and start developing a process to improve a little bit each day, instead.

Wu Wei – have not seen this term in quite some time.  Brings back some fabulous memories.

Source: The Chinese principle ‘wu wei’ eliminates the need for lifehacks — Quartz


Stop aiming for radical personal change, and start developing a process to improve a little bit each day, instead.

Source: The Japanese philosophy of Kaizen offers an effective, manageable way to achieve long-term goals — Quartz

A brief reminder that employee recognition is quite important.  Something most of us know, but I suspect don’t always follow.

These companies are finding success by rewriting the rules of business. None of them is perfect on its own, but together they show what the corporate ideal could look like.

Source: Yum Brands former CEO David Novak on the one thing that makes companies successful — Quartz


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Keeping in the spirit of my last post (unusual libraries), I am sharing this article.  The headline of the article is unfortunately misleading or at best just focusing on the negative.  As you read the article, it summarizes that on average Americans read about 12 books annually, which is a much more positive aspect (and interesting from my perspective) than the headline about 25% of Americans not picking up a book.

Source: Pew books poll: One in four Americans didn’t pick up a book last year — Quartz

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Unusual is an understatement with some of the libraries in this article. Enjoy.

Source: Eight of the world’s most unusual libraries — Quartz


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Great story about a person following their passion and finding success.

Source: Graffiti Artist JonOne: From Harlem To The Bourbon Palace | Revolution


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Always nice to see positive news about people improving their lives.

California is home to a growing program that helps transition people from prison to campus—and other states are looking to follow suit.

Source: SF State and Other California Universities Are Offering Degrees to Former Convicts – The Atlantic


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While, I have no background in the convenience store industry, I found this article to be compelling.  The owner’s focus on innovation and customer focus is his key to staying ahead of the competition. Enjoy

In his 19 years of owning a gas station, Kent Couch has rolled out a beer cave, kombucha on tap, and uniformed attendants who greet customers by name.

Source: The Convenience-Store Innovator of Bend, Oregon – The Atlantic

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Source: Can you short Uber? — Quartz

This is a very good article that is worth a read (or two).  Irrespective of whether or not you have an interest in shorting Uber, the article provides insightful data (via good research and great reporting) on the future of vehicle ownership and self-driving automobiles.  Well worth the read!

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RIF – Does anybody remember the acronym RIF – Reading is Fundamental?  Maybe I watched too much TV on Saturdays as a kid. Nonetheless, it seems as if the 2016 Man Booker List, which identifies titles that are in the running for the Man Booker Prize, has been published.  I’ve read through this year’s list and have identified one or two titles that I’ll probably pick up.  Last year Marlon James won the top spot with “A Brief History of Seven Killings.”  While there were a couple of dry spots in the book, overall it was very enjoyable and definitely worth a read.  I hope the titles on this year’s Man Booker List are as enjoyable.  Take a look at the list via the link below.  You might find a few titles that pique your curiosity.

The authors in the running for Britain’s most prestigious literary award include three debut novelists.

Source: Inside the 2016 Man Booker Longlist – The Atlantic

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