The note below is simultaneously aspirational and somewhat nerve wracking. Aspirational in that it would be ideal to have: A. Company mission / purpose line up with employee purpose or B. A company be able to support an employee, beyond just compensation, in the pursuit of their individual purpose.  Multiply that by hundreds or thousands of employees.  Both aspirational and daunting, but achievable.

Nerve wracking because before most employees would consider opening up about their purpose, leaders must do so first.  Easy to write about being vulnerable and open, but not always easy to execute.  I make a point before each financial or operational review to discuss how employees in general are doing outside of work.  But that is very different than me being open about my purpose. That is also very different than probing deeper with an employee about their purpose and what the organization can do to assist.  This note has definitely given me a few things to think about and work on.  Hope you find some meaning in the note as well.

Creating strong links to individual purpose benefits individuals and companies alike—and could be vital in managing post-pandemic uncertainties.

Source: Igniting individual purpose | McKinsey


Rindge Leaphart