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If you have a couple of minutes and enjoy good music, the video is worth watching.  The technology used with these robots is quite impressive.  I enjoy technology as much as the next person, but the capabilities of these robots are a wee bit concerning.  Maybe Lucas was onto something.  I would love to see these robots deployed in en masse in real life situations…like fighting forest fires.  Until then, I guess we will have to settle for backflips, the mashed potato, and the twist.

Welcoming in our new dancing robot overlords

Source: Boston Dynamics Atlas and Spot robots can now dance better than you can – The Verge

Rindge Leaphart

The note below is simultaneously aspirational and somewhat nerve wracking. Aspirational in that it would be ideal to have: A. Company mission / purpose line up with employee purpose or B. A company be able to support an employee, beyond just compensation, in the pursuit of their individual purpose.  Multiply that by hundreds or thousands of employees.  Both aspirational and daunting, but achievable.

Nerve wracking because before most employees would consider opening up about their purpose, leaders must do so first.  Easy to write about being vulnerable and open, but not always easy to execute.  I make a point before each financial or operational review to discuss how employees in general are doing outside of work.  But that is very different than me being open about my purpose. That is also very different than probing deeper with an employee about their purpose and what the organization can do to assist.  This note has definitely given me a few things to think about and work on.  Hope you find some meaning in the note as well.

Creating strong links to individual purpose benefits individuals and companies alike—and could be vital in managing post-pandemic uncertainties.

Source: Igniting individual purpose | McKinsey


Rindge Leaphart

Admittedly, a long read, but a very interesting subject of how the U.S. and Panama work together to protect livestock.  Enjoy.

Rindge Leaphart


Inside the U.S. and Panama’s long-running collaboration to rid an entire continent of a deadly disease.

Source: The ‘Wall’ That Keeps Flesh-Eating Worms Out of America – The Atlantic

For those of you interested in this level of detail, the linked article has great advice for business owners (especially smaller ones) looking to optimize their Google My Business listing(s).


Rindge Leaphart

Any business today needs targeted visibility on Google. Most businesses know that this requires optimizing their website and Google Ads,…

Source: 13 Essential Google My Business Optimizations for 2020 – Business 2 Community

Several interesting points in this brief article. An interesting tidbit was that loyal customers value discounts and promotions less than other key items, such as trusting the people at the business and their capabilities.  That would be a key reason the sales team and I constantly discuss “Serving With Excellence” because in certain segments, service is valued much higher than discounts.  Enjoy.

Rindge Leaphart

If you’ve been following my work, you know I preach that there is a difference between repeat customers and loyal customers. While loyalty is the goal, I’ll take a repeat customer—for the right reasons—any day.

Source: Three Out Of Four Customers Are More Loyal To Your Employee Than Your Business

Long read, but great story about manufacturing and perseverance.

Jennifer Knight ’89 has returned manufacturing jobs to an American town.

Source: Dyed in the Wool | Brown Alumni Magazine

Lessons from the last downturn lead the world’s foremost auto manufacturer to reinvent the production line.

Source: Inside Toyota’s Takaoka #2 Line: The Most Flexible Line In The World – The Drive

Like many, I am a fan of Ali.  His boxing heyday was somewhat before my time, but you couldn’t (nor would one want to) escape the legend of who Ali was and what he represented to many.  As a youngster in Boston during the 70’s, my older brother secured tickets for us to a charity event where Ali was fighting an exhibition match.  I was too young to fully understand how fortunate I was at the time, but the memory still brings a smile to my face.


People who find meaning at work are happier, more productive, and more engaged. Four practical interventions can help make the search more likely to succeed.

Source: How to engage employees | McKinsey

Devex, USAID & DAI look ahead to the next 10 years and help gauge the skills you will need to thrive in a new era for global development.

Source: Next Generation Professional