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Brief, but good article geared for small / medium sized business owners.  One of the areas the article touched on was firing customers who may be late payers or have low margins.  This is a concept I often see referred to in the business press, but I have not yet come across a situation where I “fired” a customer.  Enjoy the article and let me know if you have ever fired a customer.

Are You Growing Too Fast? – Sandeep Dahiya – Harvard Business Review.

Rindge Leaphart

It is always heart warming when I read about young people from difficult backgrounds making progress.  The program referenced in the article – Minds Matter – is an organization I am proud to support.  A classmate of mine in Los Angeles is one of the founding members.  I have met several of the students in the Los Angeles program at various fundraisers and they are impressive young adults.

From Homeless to Harvard – Business Insider.

Rindge Leaphart