Sony where art thou? The creator of trinitron, walkman, ps-x9 (turntable), and a host of other gadgets has been lumbering from one crisis to another. The author of the re-blogged post below believes you could be on your last legs. You can cut cost all you want, but until that next innovative product comes out (and a water proof tablet is not going to move the needle) you may continue to struggle. I wish you well Sony and hope you don’t end up like Nortel, Motorola, or others who once reigned supreme, but eventually fell from grace (or should I say gracenote).
Rindge Leaphart


The PlayStation. The Walkman. The Trinitron. The transistor radio. All icons in Sony’s storied history from an era when the Japanese giants still roamed the earth. The Sony of today is not like the Sony of yesterday. For every memorable blockbuster, there’s an infamous flub: The late embrace of MP3, losing its hold on the digital imaging market and of course, failing to attract adoption to Betamax, UMD, MemoryStick, and endless other formats and systems.

The Sony of today is a bloated industrial machine barely holding together. It’s worn out and slowed to a crawl. The once innovative company now follows instead of leads. It’s playing catch-up instead of breaking new ground. But things are changing.

The Sony of tomorrow is looking leaner than ever. It doesn’t look like the Sony of old with total market dominance, but for the first time in ages, Sony is becoming a competitor.


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