Glad to see a large company like Walmart throwing their significant weight behind the “Made-in-America” movement. Clearly it will take more than just a summit. Hopefully this is not a flash in the pan type of activity. Clearly there are some industries that are not coming back to the US. The beauty of products made in America is shorter lead times, lower freight cost, and generally better quality. Shorter lead times and higher quality comes with a slightly higher cost than “made elsewhere”. The challenge is that industry giants can be unrelenting in negotiating out cost. The push on small to mid-size manufacturers to constantly reduce cost has an impact in driving production overseas. At the end of the day, a complicated issue that hopefully does not stop with a 2 day summit.
Rindge Leaphart


In an effort to boost the movement toward goods made right here in the good old U.S. of A., Walmart is kicking off a two-day summit bringing together other retailers as well as government officials and suppliers. The goal seems to be some kind of big brainstorming session to figure out how to get more American-made products in stores and jobs back on our shores.

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