Ad of the Day: JCPenney’s Precocious Fashionista Gets Sassy for Back to School | Adweek.

If creative ads are a precursor to a business turnaround, then JC Penney is poised for a roaring comeback.  Take a second and watch the video.  It will make your day.  If JCP can get these ads in front of the right demographic via tv and the web, then who knows, maybe sales will improve.  With all of the negative news surrounding JCP they could use a win, but they are going to have to earn it.  Hopefully they will pull things together sooner rather than later.  It is so easy to quickly destroy value.   And as most of us should know, it takes quite awhile to turnaround a large corporate ship.  Hopefully this ad is a sign of things to come at JCP.

Rindge Leaphart