Just a quick post on manufacturing in the US.   Given the political discussions taking place regarding outsourcing, I thought I would post a few links I found to be somewhat interesting if not all-together original.

The first is a link to Quora with responses to the question: Is it possible to make quality products in the US and still compete:


Some of the responses to this question are pretty good and while not in-depth have some interesting links or insights.  Clearly manufacturing in the US has declined (outsourcing, China, rise of the service based economy) but my personal opinion is that US manufacturers will always be able to compete in industries or markets that require short lead times and / or some level of customization.  I realize that is a broad statement, but US manufacturing companies can definitely compete and win when they compete for products where customers require short lead times.  Additionally, there will always be political reasons (Airbus indicating that they will produce planes in the US) and in some cases regulatory that will always require some level of US manufacturing.  As many of you know there seems to be a slight movement afoot to bring jobs back to the US from China and other locales due to rising wages, quality, and general supply chain complications.  Even with this trend, times have clearly changed and I doubt as a nation that we will have as many US based manufacturing jobs as we once had.

The second link I thought was kind of funny and probably has never been bandied around as an economic indicator, but it does provide a chuckle


I guess the decrease in vending machine revenue can’t really be attributed to people eating healthier.  Probably not, as I make a candy run to the vending machine 2-3 times per day.

Rindge Leaphart