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I apologize in advance for the pictures being crooked.  I was in Wenzhou China not too long ago and was very surprised to see a large number of churches with crosses prominently displayed.  The city that I was in seemed to be fairly small and the number of churches  seemed quite large.  The density of churches in such a small area was quite surprising.  I have had the pleasure to have visited several cities in China and don’t recall ever seeing 1. such a prominent display of churches and crosses and 2. so many churches clustered in a relatively small area.  I don’t even recall seeing anything like this in Hong Kong.  My hosts indicated that Wenzhou is a port city and missionaries landed there.  At first glance that seems reasonable, but Qingdao is a another port city with a heavy dose of European styling, yet they don’t have such a display of churches.  So the port city response doesn’t quite explain what caused the proliferation of churches in this city.  Does anyone else have any exposure / ideas?

Rindge Leaphart